Unexpected realization: May 2009

We’re sitting here, Dale and I, in the empty Room 5 of Mercy Hospital’s emergency department. We’re waiting for Mother to return from having a CT scan. She’d never had one before and was a little nervous. I assured her that it was fine – just lie still in a tube and they take pictures […]

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Note: Green is my favorite color. I wrote this piece as a model for my students, whose assignment was to write about a color and why it is, in your opinion, the best color. Green is the best color because it is the color of nature: plants and trees are green. When it rains, everything […]

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What is a blog?

I have been wanting my own blog for quite some time, and began wondering, what is a blog exactly? Or more to the point, why do I want one? I would like to use this blog as a forum for my ideas, discussion/dialog with others, and to express my views on topics of interest. Mainly, […]

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