Dragon Lady – a way of introducing myself

Note: I wrote this short essay about myself as a sample writing exercise for my students. The assignment was to read about the animal in whose year you were born according to the Chinese 12-year zodiac. Then compare yourself to the description of the animal representing the people born under that sign.

      I was born in a Year of the Dragon. Dragon people are generous, proud, confident, healthy, energetic, short-tempered, and stubborn. They are also excitable, honest, sensitive, brave, trustworthy, and eccentric. They have “big mouths” and say things before thinking about them first.

        In some ways, I fit the Dragon profile. For example, I am a generous person. I give whenever I can. Sometimes people call me at home and ask for money for their cause or candidate. I have trouble saying no to them, because I know how important the cause is to them! At school, I often give my students gifts or certificates for books. I give generously by volunteering my time at my church.

        I definitely have a “big mouth” which has gotten me into trouble lots of times! I say what I think or blurt out a statement without thinking about how it is going to sound to others! I speak from the heart, and often don’t use my head to think logically.

        Some other ways I am like other Dragons is that I am reasonably healthy – that is, I don’t get sick a lot, although I do have some health problems, which are under control. I can be short-tempered, and so I try to avoid getting into arguments, especially at work. I definitely am also stubborn, but I am also honest, sensitive and eccentric.

        Some characteristics of the Dragon do not fit me at all! For example, I am not particularly brave or confident. I often doubt myself and have low self-esteem. I am not a risk taker and prefer the “safe” route whenever possible! I would like to say I am energetic, but I don’t think I am a lot of the time. I wish I had more energy, because then I would get more done! I am not sure that I always inspire trust, partly because of my big mouth!

        As with any Zodiac sign, be it Eastern or Western, it is always possible to identify with some of the characteristics of one’s “Sign”. But who we are is more than an accident of birth. Therefore, although I like being under the sign of the Dragon and feel I have a lot of dragon characteristics, in many ways the Dragon is a lot more formidable and fierce animal than I would ever be!

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