Note: Green is my favorite color. I wrote this piece as a model for my students, whose assignment was to write about a color and why it is, in your opinion, the best color.

Green is the best color because it is the color of nature: plants and trees are green. When it rains, everything looks greener than ever. In fact, “green” is the new code word for environmentally conscious. If you are green, you are committed to recycling and conserving the natural resources of our Earth.

        Green is a combination of two primary colors, blue and yellow, so it has the coolness of blue and the brightness of yellow. There are many hues of green, created by adding more blue for a deeper, darker green or more yellow for a lighter or brighter green.

        Green is everywhere. It’s the color of land on a map of the world. It’s the color of leaves in the summer and the pine trees in winter. It’s one of the colors of Christmas! When I see a stand of evergreens, I smell the aroma associated with them – the sharp smell of pine. Pine candles are green and I love to smell them!

        Green is the color of many good things to eat: lettuce, spinach, broccoli, peas, beans, sweet peppers. These foods are healthy too, so it’s important to eat them every day. Green represents how plants eat: chlorophyll makes leaves green and it is chlorophyll that captures energy from sunlight and converts it into food for the plant. We humans get some of this energy when we eat green foods.

        Humans can learn a lesson from the plants and capture sunlight for our own energy needs. In a greenhouse, sunlight comes in and keeps plants warm as well as provides energy for them to stay healthy. We too can be “green” by eating healthy foods, consuming renewable energy from the sun, and enjoying the beauties of nature: the brown earth, the green grass and plants, and the multitude of colors of flowers, birds, butterflies and other creatures.

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