3 (no, 4) Large Countries I would like to visit

Three countries that I would like to visit – this is a hard one for me, because I love to travel and would like to visit nearly every place in the world! However, I think I will stick to the theme (for the sake of being able to choose only 3) of “large” countries I would like to visit! I think the top 3 would thus be China, Russia and Brazil. I will start with the last of these three first. I lived in Brazil from 1978-1981 (with a few months break in the US in the middle of this), and have traveled there twice since. The first time I went to Brazil was in 1971, and I promptly fell in love!! The language, the people, the natural beauty of the country became so much a part of me, that I tell people that Brazil is the country of my heart (or perhaps my soul). I will be doing a lot more postings about Brazil, so for now I will suffice it to say that I can visit many more times and will still always want to return. Right now, my son’s paternal aunt and grandmother live there, as well as many cousins, so there is a family connection and thus a motivation to visit.

Russia – a land of great mystery to me, but a land with a very rich history and culture. The contributions of Russia in the arts, particularly painting, music, and literature, cannot be understated. And because I love all these things, Russia fascinates me and attracts me to explore it someday!

China – who isn’t fascinated by China these days? It seems as if everything we own is made there. I would like to walk on the Great Wall of China,  talk to ordinary Chinese people, learn about their culture and history. China is a place so different culturally from any place I have ever been and that is part of its fascination for me.

I simply have to include a 4th: Australia! I have always wanted to go “Down Under”. I realize that most of what I know about Australia has to do with marsupials, people whose accent you have to get used to – rugged sorts who live in dusty outback areas (too many movies!), and tales of the aborigines. I’m sure I have a lot to learn about this vast and faraway country.

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