Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast: Transition

Contrast: Transition

I selected this photo for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast because the silhouette of the elderly woman seated in a lonely chair against stark white emptiness of the background captures a poignant moment of transition for her. For me it represents how elderly people must face the increasing loss of their independence as they age.

My mother was being moved from the retirement home apartment she had lived in independently to the Assisted Living section. Little remained in her apartment when this photo was taken, and I found the image a striking insight of what she must have been feeling in that moment. Mother must have felt a bit lonely, and scared, knowing she could no longer live independently and unsure of what to make of this move. What did it mean for the end of her life? How much would she be able to do on her own in Assisted Living? Would she still have contact with her friends? These were questions she might have been contemplating.