El Prado Museum – Day 4

July 7, 2010 (Journal E3 – Part 2) El Prado Museum is about 5 km from Barradas, and we usually walk places, so we all gathered and set out just at 3:00. The museum is open every night until 8 pm. The directors decided to give us the option to either write a paper about […]

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El Rastro flea market – Day 4

July 7, 2010 (Journal E4 – Part 1) It is a bright and sunny 97 degree day here in Madrid. Weather report says this weather is to continue for several days, but one of my Spanish teachers calls this type of heat “bochorno” and says that it eventually leads to rain, even if only for […]

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13 julio 2010 Granada, hoy una ciudad agradable de 200.000 habitantes, tiene una historia larga e interesante. Entre los años 711-1492, era el reinado de los moros, musulmanes árabes que vinieron del norte de África. Los moros invadieron a la península ibérica en 711, conquistando primero la región ahora conocida como Andalucía, y más tarde […]


Toledo (English version)

Email journal E2 – Part 2 July 5, 2010 Saturday, July 3 was our day trip to Toledo. Toledo was the capital of Christian Spain from 1085 – 1561, when the capital was moved to Madrid. Toledo has an interesting and rich history. It was one of the Spanish cities where three cultures lived in […]

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Madrid City Tour

email journal E2-Part 1 July 5, 2010 It is hot and fairly humid here in Madrid. Prof. Anderson said it never rains in Madrid in July, but it has rained two days since we got here! It didn’t rain the entire day, fortunately. Also, the air conditioning is “iffy” – sometimes a place will be […]

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4 de julio, 2010 Visitamos Toledo, la capital de España entre 1085 y 1561, el sábado 3 de julio. Aunque la capital fue movido a Madrid en 1561, el arzobispo de Toledo todavía es el máximo oficial de la Iglesia Católica de España. . Con nuestro guía Luis, fuimos a la catedral, que es grande […]

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We have arrived!

Spain journal (E1)  July 1, 2010 These journals chronicle my experiences and reflections on my trip to Spain with my husband as part of a group of 15 students and professors. The flight didn’t seem horribly long. I spent part of the time reading, part of the time trying to sleep (which was mostly unsuccessful). […]

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