Barcelona – Day 2 – Gaudi: Casa Batlle

July 24, 2010

The next day, Saturday, was what I called “All Gaudi, all the time.” After finding a place to have coffee and a continental type breakfast, we headed out walking toward the Gaudi houses about a mile north of Plaza Catalunya. I had thought of just viewing them from the outside because a girl in my class who had visited Barcelona said Casa Batlle cost 18 euros to get in! However, we discovered that there was a small discount for students and seniors, so that each of us had to pay only 14.25 euros.  I had to argue with the guy selling the tickets because he looked at my iNext card and nowhere on it does it specifically indicate that I am a student. No one had ever questioned this when I had used it before. I said to him in Spanish that not just anyone could get this card, that it was only for students (I was making this up although it might be true, I don’t know!) and in the end, he accepted it. Anyway we both got in for the reduced price. Although it was still expensive, the Casa Batlle was well worth it. With the entrance price we got an audioguide so we were each able to walk through the house and listen to each explanation at our own pace. Of course, as everywhere, it was crowded with tourists making picture taking somewhat difficult, but at least here we were allowed to take pictures.

The pictures can describe this incredible house better than words.

Front facade of Casa Batlle.













I will continue my narrative of our Gaudi day in the next post.

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