Monteverde (DP Challenge)

(July 2004) Soaring above the treetops with only a cable and a harness for support      I wasn’t worried about my 19-year-old son going on the canopy tour without me. However, since I couldn’t accompany him as a spectator, I would be bored waiting around for him for a couple of hours, and then I’d be […]

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Watching water birds

July 26, 2012                           Upper Kaubashine Lake At 5:15, I couldn’t get comfortable in bed, so I went out to the living room to sleep on the couch. After spending some time getting adjusted with pillows and a too-short blanket, I fell asleep and found when I woke up that it was 6:30! I looked outside. […]

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More mushrooms (2012)

This has been a relatively dry summer in Wisconsin, but even so it had rained a few days in late July when we went to our summer cottage. I photographed a few more mushrooms I found on hikes we took: Twins!

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Lazy speech

My mother used to say that the overuse of certain slang terms (particularly the 4-letter kind) is an example of lazy speech – it’s easy to use such words instead of thinking of more appropriate or more linguistically creative ways to say what you mean and mean what you say. In other words, to THINK […]

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