creationism vs evolution – what should be taught in public schools?

Let me first state that I am a Christian. There are different kinds of Christians – some believe in the Bible literally while others – probably most – do not. Therefore, if you want your children to learn about what you believe, then send them to your church’s Sunday School program. It isn’t fair to more open-minded Christians or those of other faiths to be subjected to learning about creationism in public school. That’s what I did with my son. He learned science in school. He learned about religion in Sunday School and Confirmation classes. He now reads the Bible on his own.

Here is a picture of my church, First Congregational Church (UCC) of DP.

Evolution is part of the SCIENCE curriculum; creationism is religion, not science. If the child learns about creationism at church school, he/she can then compare it with evolution on his/her own or discuss it within the family. As a teacher, I think we should not add more to the curriculum to be taught.Adding creationism to that would mean not having time for other subjects. Also, if evolution is left out of the science curriculum, our students will be at a disadvantage for careers in science as well as in comparison with their peers in other countries, (and in other states where this is not an issue).

However, I do agree with teaching creationism (or “intelligent design”, a euphemism for creationism) if it is part of a study of comparative religions. It would be fascinating to study creation stories from various religious traditions around the world. One of my first posts on this blog dealt with that.

2 thoughts on “creationism vs evolution – what should be taught in public schools?

  1. I agree with you. I think it would be interesting to learn creation stories from different religions, native peoples and ancient myths.

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