Post-a-day (Dec. 24) – Interview with an ornament

The prompt was to write an interview with an inanimate object. I am a few days late getting to this, because I’ve been so busy with the holiday! But today I had time for some fun, so here goes:

Reporter: Welcome to our show, Interview of the Week! Now that the Christmas tree has been put up and decorated with all the ornaments, KLB News has chosen one of the ornaments as the tree’s Most Beautiful Ornament 2012.

(Ooohs and aaahs, and a few grumbles, can be heard all around the Christmas tree).


Reporter: How does it feel to be chosen the Most Beautiful Ornament of 2012?

IMAG0111Ornament: Well, I think there are a lot of beautiful ornaments on this tree, and any of them could have been chosen as the most beautiful.

Reporter: Indeed, it was a difficult choice with so much competition! Even so, are you enjoying being singled out?

Ornament: Well, I have always been happy to do my job for a few weeks each year, adding beauty to this family’s living room, but I consider it a team effort. What about Most Sentimental Ornament? Or Funniest Ornament? Or …

Reporter: Those are great categories for future ornament competitions.  Tell our viewers a little more about your life.

Ornament: Well, I was purchased by the human female of this house a few years ago. She was delighted to add me to the tree. I enjoyed adorning the tree and getting to know a whole lot of new people – er – ornaments, that is! Each of us is unique yet we all have something in common: to add beauty to this Christmas tree and this family’s life for about three weeks a year. This family doesn’t put their tree up early; they usually don’t get around to it until about a week before Christmas. They are busy, you know.

Reporter: How do you feel when you are taken off the tree and put away?

Ornament: Sad, very sad. My box is very comfortable, but I am alone in it and don’t have a chance to chat with my fellow ornaments. Mostly I sleep, which is what ornaments are supposed to do when they are not being used.

Reporter: Where does your family store you?

Ornament: I have my own little box that is put inside a large bin with a bunch of other ornaments. The bin, like all the Christmas decorations in this house, are stored in the basement, in a little room that is quite cold. It’s better than it used to be, though. Some of the ornaments were destroyed when the family stored us in cardboard boxes. Mice got into the storage area and chewed on some of the ornaments! The plastic bins have firm-fitting lids so that never happens anymore.

Reporter: Do you like hanging on an artificial tree or would you prefer a real tree?

Ornament: Well, I have never experienced adorning a real tree, but many of my fellow ornaments have. They said that the family used to get one every year, but then their kids grew up and they didn’t want to deal with all the fallen pine needles. What they said they liked was the wonderful smell of the pine, of being so close to something alive – er – at least recently alive. I would feel sad, though, to watch the tree slowly die. So fresh when it’s first put up, but then slowly it dries up and its needles become brittle. The ornaments didn’t like that part because the dry needles scratched them.

Reporter: I can imagine. I have seen how the freshly fallen trees dry up in heated homes. When my family put the dried up tree outside, it scratched our arms and face.

Ornament: Didn’t you feel sad when that happened?

Reporter: Yes, I did – but mainly because it meant Christmas was really over and we were going back to our normal routine. Meaning, I had to go back to school!

Ornament: Yes, I always feel sentimental when the holiday season is over. Such a beautiful time! And the time when all of us have the chance to shine in all our glory!

Reporter: And be appreciated.

Ornament: Oh, yes, definitely.

Reporter: Well, thanks for talking to me and congratulations on being selected Most Beautiful Ornament 2012!

Ornament: Thank you, it was my pleasure.

Reporter: And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the folks out there. Hope you have enjoyed our show today!

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