Post-a-day (12/29) prompt: Faith

The prompt is: Tell us about the role that faith plays in your life — or doesn’t.

My faith has gone through several permutations. I’ve gone through periods in which I didn’t attend church nor think much about religion, but I did realize I needed a spiritual outlet. I am constantly evaluating and reexamining my faith in God and that which I have been taught in the non-dogmatic Christian church in which I was raised (First Congregational UCC).

On a scale of 0-10, with 0 being atheist, 1 being non-religious and 10 being super-religious to the point of fanaticism, I rate about a 5. I do not take the Bible literally. The stories it contains are mostly allegories and lessons, whose meaning must be unlocked by the reader, sometimes with the help of a clergy or study group. Sometimes I question what God really is, while other times I observe “God moments” when something happens that is meant to be, or is a small miracle.

Faith is a challenge, one has to find spirituality within oneself and within that lies faith. Faith is something we cannot prove, and therefore, it must be experienced or strongly felt by each individual in order to survive. I do not see a contradiction between science and spirituality or faith, in fact the two complement and inform each other. There is scientific evidence for a variety of spiritual experiences and beliefs. I envy some people their spiritual experiences, because I have never had a transcendental experience.

Therefore, my faith is developing and I seek to explore my inner spirituality more deeply through meditation and by looking at things in a new way. Right now I am comfortable with the church I attend, its tenets and mission, because I have the freedom to looking for God, and spirituality, in a variety of ways.

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