DPChallenge: I resolve in 2013…

I don’t usually make resolutions since I tend to either forget about them or decide I don’t want to do them. This year, however, there are a few things that, since I’ve already started them, I am resolved to continue!

  1. I reached my Weight Watchers goal weight last month. If I maintain my weight within 2 lbs. for six weeks, I will become a lifetime member! I am halfway there, even with the holidays, so I am pretty sure I can do it.
  2. Related to the above, I have slacked off on exercise considerably this year (partly due to unforeseen circumstances, such has fracturing my knee cap and having to wear an immobilizer for 6 weeks!). So I need to get back to it. This will be aided by park district classes starting up again! I take Zumba and yoga. One of my former walking buddies had gotten into more heavy duty workouts, but now she’s back to walking again, so that’s another incentive to exercise. This is how we keep up with each other’s lives!
  3. Last, but not least – in fact, maybe this should be on the top of the list – KEEP WRITING! That means here on my blog and also in my writing group. I slacked off on this too when teaching became too hectic and I didn’t have a life. Writing is the one thing that really inspires and fulfills me. It is what I was meant to do, what I like to do and have been doing all of my life.

I was going to resolve some more but this is enough to truly RESOLVE to do. Everything else (take classes, clean my office, etc.) I hope and intend to do, but resolve would be going too far!!


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