Daily prompt (1/18): Home. Soil. Rain.

The prompt for last Friday (Sorry, I do them when I’m inspired, not necessarily on the same day) was:

Write down the first words that come to mind when we say . . .

. . . home. My house. It’s brown and white faux brick on the outside, with a front porch and a deck in back, and a 2-car detached garage.  I’ve lived here for 17 years, with my husband and my son. It’s an old house so it’s got some infrastructure idiosyncrasies, but we have renovated the kitchen and the upstairs bathroom. Home is where I feel comfortable and relaxed. Home is where I go after work when I’m tired, eat, sleep, read, watch TV, write on my computer. Everything that is mine is in this house…somewhere.


The railing of our deck in back of the house recently. It had rained and then the temperature fell, so the raindrops froze into these mini icicles.

. . . soil.  My garden. I have planted perennials in 2/3 of it and love to watch them go through their seasonal cycles. The rest of the soil is bare where I plant annuals in the spring, especially tomatoes.

IMG-20120712-00421My garden in early summer – that tall plant in the front is called “blazing star”. Behind it are a lot of sage plants. (Perennials tend to proliferate!)

. . . rain. The fresh smell when it rains – the smell of the cement sidewalks, the earthy soil, the plant life. I love to listen to the rain falling, very soothing. At the cottage I like to sit on the porch and watch the thunderstorms over the lake.

I                                     Raindrops on the lake.

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