Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

This dress (in close-up as well as modeled by a young woman) was custom handmade in 1979 by lace makers in rural Pernambuco, Brazil. I had watched lace makers and seen their finished work during a stay in Northeastern Brazil, and greatly admired the beauty and intricacy of their creations. I decided to design a wedding dress to be made by these talented women. The blouse is entirely made of lace and the dress underneath is linen with two sections of lace in the skirt. Made by women I never met, I only trusted that they would follow my design, that it would fit according to the measurements I sent them, and that it would arrive on time.

Unfortunately, it did not arrive until a few days before the wedding, too late to make the adjustments necessary as well as the weather being too cold for this lightweight dress. I put it away for many years; then last year I took it to school for display on Heritage Night. It was worn that night by the Spanish teacher, who is approximately the same weight and height that I was back in 1979.  (The sash was added by the Spanish teacher).

It is definitely unique and even though I can’t wear it now, I will always treasure it!

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