Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life – Saturday






Saturday, March 30, 2013:

I always start out the day with a cup of strong, freshly ground and brewed coffee!

Today is the last day of Up with Chris Hayes on MSNBC. Today he’s showing repeats of past segments. This show has been a staple of Saturday mornings at our house.


At 9:00 on Saturday mornings, I go to my Zumba class at our local fitness center. Here I am putting the final touches to my outfit!


After our workout we have our traditional Saturday morning omelet: my husband’s usual sausage, onion and cheese, even though I would sometimes prefer veggie.

Instead of working in my garden, I end up at the supermarket doing some last minute Easter shopping! We’re having 10 people at least for dinner!

Last opera of the Lyric season – Rigoletto! My usual opera partner couldn’t make it, and my hubby was tired, so I invited a friend who just had a birthday.

The Bistro restaurant inside the Civic Opera building. These are typical tables – small but accommodating.

Cornish pastries: My choice for dinner this evening.

After dinner, we have a look at the dress they have on display in a glass case. This one looks Wagnerian but in fact, it was worn by the lead in Elektra.

         From the balcony, we look down at the the bartenders and their early clientele in the main lobby.

The opera house has beautiful facades, ceiling decorations and light fixtures. I took this picture as we listened to a pre-opera lecture on the main floor. (Our seats – the cheap seats – are up three floors in the balcony!)

At intermission, we go back to the Bistro, where the dessert we ordered and paid for earlier is waiting for us! Mine is flourless chocolate cake – yummy! My friend and I also have ordered decaf coffee.
We have just enough time to have our dessert and make a quick trip to the restroom before the 5-minute warning bell calls us back to our seats.

I was too tired and also forgot to take a picture of our Metra ride back to the suburb where we live. The train got in on time, around 11:05; we walked back to our parked car and I dropped off my friend before returning home –
and my bed!!

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