Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

Fleeting…an image that lasts only a moment. The picture you cherish because you were able to catch someone or something at the best moment. A second later and it would be too late.

Children and animals don’t usually pose for pictures. They are fascinating subjects precisely because they are constantly moving or when they are concentrating on something and you zoom in…they turn their heads just as you click the shutter. You have to be patient to capture those special moments, (and be prepared to take several shots in succession) or very observant to see the small beauties most people pass by.

Butterflies are difficult to capture, since they flutter here and there so quickly. That’s why I like this picture I happened to get as I was on a walk in the woods in Wisconsin:


Recently I got a new phone with a camera that takes multiple pictures one right after another. In this way I was able to get this series of shots of a boy on a swing in a playground as I was walking in the park.

IMAG0453_BURST001 IMAG0453_BURST007 IMAG0453_BURST008 IMAG0453_BURST009 IMAG0453_BURST010A fleeting moment can also be a tender interaction between a person and an animal, before either subject suddenly disappears or changes position. These are almost always candid shots, so the photographer must seize the moment.

This is a picture of a friend who has been caring for his girlfriend’s cat for some time, and has come to love her as his own. A second after I took the picture, the cat suddenly jumped up and out of his lap.

John & MoxyAnd what can be better than the delight of a child who has a brief moment to hug and feel the softness of a cute, furry creature?

Branlin hugs GingerWhen kids are absorbed in something that they enjoy, it is a great opportunity to capture their concentration on the activity of the moment. Here are some kindergartners “building” in a sandbox.

DSCN5912To capture such “fleeting” memories, I must keep my eyes and my mind open, and my camera ready, to seize those opportunities that arise suddenly, as suddenly they are gone…

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