Carefree: Weekly Photo Challenge

Carefree to me means summertime, when the warm weather allows you to walk barefoot in the grass, when you can wiggle your toes in the sand at a beach, when you can have your morning coffee outside on the deck instead of inside.

Carefree, to me, is Hawai’i.

Animals can be carefree too, and playful.  Here are some carefree birds in Hawai’i who seem to be having fun, not a care in the world.

This peacock is very calmly crossing a parking lot, not a bit worried about being surrounded by cars – probably used to them.


These guys look like they’re doing a little dance as they walk… They are called gallinules or ‘alae ‘ula, a native endangered Hawaiian species.


We felt carefree, too, in the laid-back atmosphere of Hawai’i.  Here is my husband, Dale, relaxing on  the verandah behind our room on Maui after a great breakfast of leftovers from the night before…

June-Aug 2009 285

I find, though, that pictures of children best convey the idea of carefree:



Fun with Grandpa


Winter fun


Birthday boys…


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