Daily Prompt (Sept. 14): The road

The Daily Prompt for Sept. 14 was:
Grab the nearest book. Open it and go to the tenth word. Do a Google Image Search of the word. Write about what the image brings to mind.

The closest non-picture book is: The Green Gables Collection: Anne of Green Gables – 10th word: road

There were many Google images to choose from, but I chose this one, which was one of the first:


It’s a rainy day – the two-lane road is slippery and somewhat treacherous. Normally I love rainy days in the North Woods, but I was hoping for a hike in the woods. Now I’m getting dizzy as we wind around a series of curves. Dale thought a ride along some of the back roads would be nice, regardless of the rain. He wanted to get out of the house, and so did I. Instead of sulking about what we won’t be able to do, I concentrate on the fresh smell of the soil brought out by the rain, mingled with the pungent pines. The sound of rain all around us is calming. There is no one else on the road; the scenery belongs to us.

You never know what you’ll find along the back roads – perhaps a deer or two will jump out of the woods onto the road and we will slow to a stop to watch them. The doe stops and gazes at us, motionless. We gaze back. Then she regains her confidence and bounds into the woods on the other side of the road. At first her white tail is visible but she is soon swallowed by the thicket of trees. A second deer – much smaller, probably her fawn – leaps out in front of us but she doesn’t stop – she is intent on following her mother.

Today, though, deer do not make an appearance – perhaps they are sheltering from the rain. Still, there’s no telling what’s around the next bend, but it’s certain to contain more pine forest and more rain. Earlier we could see a glint of sun reflecting off a nearby lake, betraying its presence through the trees. Now, though, the sun has completely disappeared behind a blanket of gray rain clouds and we can’t catch a glimpse of anything beyond the trees – except more trees.

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