Weekly Photo Challenge: One

My favorite things to photograph are unusual or striking things in nature, or that I find on walks. All of the following were taken, unexpectedly, during walks in the woods, on a beach or in my neighborhood. One raindrop on one leaf fallen along a bike trail: Abandoned Barbie in newly mowed grass: Root system […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

I looked at several of the posts for this challenge and realized that community can mean different things. It can be a small community of people who live and work together to farm, cook and weave. In Peru, I visited a rural community called Isca Pataza. In this photo, the community of women enjoy each […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

Grand – what does it mean? In Spanish, the cognate is “grande”, which means big. However, “Grand” means more than just big: to me, it means majestic, awesome, breath-taking. In my travels, I have seen many places, both man-made and natural, that I would consider “Grand.”  Here are just a few of them: By far […]

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