My favorite things to photograph are unusual or striking things in nature, or that I find on walks. All of the following were taken, unexpectedly, during walks in the woods, on a beach or in my neighborhood.

One raindrop on one leaf fallen along a bike trail:

Abandoned Barbie in newly mowed grass:

Lost Barbie
Root system of a dead tree on a beach:


Mushroom growing on a tree trunk:
???????????????????????liebster-awardI was nominated for the Liebster award by Ashley Nicole at


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: One

    1. Thank you, thank you, AshleyNicole! And I’m sorry for such a belated reply; I’m supposed to be notified by email whenever there is a comment to approve, but it could easily have gotten lost in the landslide of emails I get on a daily basis.

      Wow, I’m impressed and proud! I had never expected to get this kind of recognition!

      1. Oh, it is no problem & you are very welcome! I completely understand. I was honored to nominate you!

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