Beginning: a New Year, a sunrise, a newborn’s first day of life, a new pet, the first day of a trip. All of these come to mind immediately when I think of “beginning.”

I’ve taken many pictures of sunsets, but few of sunrises. I got lucky on Dec. 18, 2013: I was on my way to work on one of the shortest days of the year, so the sun was rising during my drive. The rippling pattern of the clouds that morning spread some beautiful colors across the sky, and made for a gorgeous beginning of the day. I looked for a place to stop so I could take a picture, and found one just north of a local park, at the entrance to a road leading into an industrial complex.


Another beginning I’ve had recently is the adoption of a cat, after 20 years of being petless! We found this beautiful tortoiseshell at a CARE shelter, named Hazel; her story was compelling: she’d been found as a pregnant “teenager” and put into a foster home that usually fosters kittens. There she gave birth to 6 kittens (all “torties” like their mother) and she was a devoted mother. One of the kittens was kind of a “runt” who had trouble learning to walk. Hazel nudged her and leaned against her to help her take her first steps. Two months later, mom and kittens were taken to the shelter, and subsequently all her kittens were adopted. But mom Hazel stayed at the shelter waiting for a “forever” home for more than a year and a half before we arrived just before Christmas.

We fell in love with Hazel and took her home the day after Christmas. This picture is one of the first that I took of her at home. We bought a combination toy/scratching area which she took to right away: she loves batting the ball that goes round and round in the outer groove.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Another one of my first pictures of her is this one, lying next to the dining room table. Next to her paw is a feather from a carrot-shaped catnip filled toy that she had already begun to rip to shreds!

????????????????????Hazel was very scared the first few days with us, since she’d been at a shelter so long and suddenly had a two-story house to explore! Now she owns the house – and us!!



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