Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

Juxtaposition: Defined by dictionaryBoss:  an act or instance of placing close together or side by side, especially for comparison or contrast.

I have a file that I call “unusual pics” because of unexpected or unusual combinations of things.  I especially like the following:

IMAG1389My son’s ashtray was sitting outside on the deck where he goes to smoke. The other day after a snowfall, I noticed cigarette butts sticking out of a little pile of snow that had fallen on his ashtray!

mop & maple seedsIn another season, also on our deck, a mop had been left out after cleaning the deck. It was the season when maple trees drop their seeds, so our deck was soon covered with maple seeds which mingled with the strands of the mop.

??????????????????????????????????????This little religious shrine was set up in a corner of a nail salon. Above the religious articles is a display case full of nail polish colors.

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I found this scene, in Dayton, Ohio, curious: A half-buried fire hydrant surrounded by a field of clover!

But nowhere is juxtaposition more deliberate and strange than at The Orange Show – an art-performance exhibit in Houston, Texas.  Jim McKissick, the builder/artist was retired and decided to pay homage to his favorite fruit, the orange. He collected a lot of miscellaneous things, and put them together in unusual ways. Here are some examples:


?????????????????????????????????????????????????????A female Santa with rosy red lips!

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????This is the “main stage” outside. We were told performances are still held here, although I don’t know what kind – perhaps circus-type shows for children.

The Orange Show is one of several interactive art installations throughout Houston. Most famous of these is the annual car parade held in May, but we were  able to visit the Beer Can House and Smither Park (a work in progress). More on these works of art in a future post!


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