21 Things I Irrationally (?) Dislike*

*Feeling “hate” was too strong a word, I changed it to dislike!

This blog post was inspired by a similar one written by Rarasaur.

Here’s my list:

1. The taste of peanut butter when combined with sugar or chocolate. I like peanut butter inside pretzels or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. However, I hate peanut butter cookies, Reese’s pieces, or any other “sweet thing” contaminated with the taste of peanut butter (which doesn’t taste like “real” peanut butter anyway)!  reeses-peanut-butter-cup-cookies


2. Certain grammar mistakes, especially: misplaced apostrophes (NEVER is an apostrophe to be used to make a plural!!); lack of commas when talking to someone, e.g. “Let’s eat Grandma!” instead of “Let’s eat, Grandma!” They mean totally different things!; misspellings on official documents, company publicity, letters sent to parents from school (what kind of example does this set for our students?? Parents must think we’re morons!); using it’s when you mean its, or whose when you mean who’s, or not knowing the difference between there, their and they’re or between to and too.


3. Bad translations: seriously, if you need to do a decent translation, ask someone who really has a good command of that language instead of using Babelfish or someone who learned the language in their family’s kitchen but never studied it in school. It’s embarrassing to see that the ‘bilingual’ individuals teaching our children are being misrepresented as unschooled idiots!


4. Pride in having less than a college education and not knowing anything about the world outside your country’s borders. (I don’t mean to imply that not having a college education makes anyone inferior or less intelligent – it’s that some people flaunt this and look down on intellectualism.)


5. Having to press a series of digits on one’s phone to reach this department or that employee, only to be connected with someone phone-dial-padwho isn’t there and having to leave a voice mail or start all over!


6. The NRA (this isn’t “irrational” – it’s sensible!). The NRA is so beholden to gun manufacturers that they will tell any lie, such as that people’s 2nd amendment rights are being violated if they aren’t allowed to buy semi-automatic weapons so they can go shoot a lot of people in a public place, or that the bystanders with guns in a violent situation will be able to somehow protect people from a crazed madman with an AK-47, or that guns are needed for “self-defense” in the home – if a burglar enters your house and confronts you by pointing a gun at you, can you really tell him to wait while you fetch and load your gun? If an assailant grabs you on the street and sticks a loaded gun into your back, will you really be able to get out your ‘concealed’ gun to defend yourself? No! Even in the “Wild West” guns were left at the edge of towns. At that time, people knew the power of weapons and that whoever was first to point a weapon at someone else had the advantage. Guns are offensive weapons, very rarely defensive. The only individuals who need to have guns are the police and the military (the “militia” mentioned in the 2nd amendment), and hunters could have rifles although they ought to use bow and arrow to give the animal an equal chance. That’s all. Period! In fact, the 2nd amendment ought to be repealed – it’s no longer necessary today and it’s caused a lot of violence and sorrow as children are killed every single day in the inner cities across America. no-guns-icon
7. Spell check in MS Excel that doesn’t allow me to enter the Chinese name of my doctor. No matter what I do, it changes “Hsi” to “His.” In MS Word I can get around it, but not in Excel.

8. Spell check on my phone that assumes I mean “toe” instead of “tow”, or substitutes what it considers a more ‘likely’ word than the one I’m typing. I know how to spell! Leave me alone!

9. People who take someone else’s expressed opinion as a personal insult. Example: If I am at a potluck or buffet and I choose not to select a particular dessert by saying, “I’m not fond of peanut butter desserts” they think I am criticizing them personally for liking peanut butter in desserts.

10. People who have no manners and delight in being rude or using words they know are offensive to their audience. In fact, I really hate deliberately rude people. This includes people who can’t find an intelligent way of criticizing someone or their opinion; their vocabulary apparently isn’t expansive enough to say something more edifying than, “Fuck you! You are an asshole!” etc.

11. Institutions or individuals who think their “religious rights” allow them to restrict my rights to certain goods or services. Your rights end where mine begin!

12. Those who think it is a matter of opinion to reject scientific theories. Evolution really did happen! The Earth is over 4 billion years old. Human-induced climate change is real and will become a serious threat to our lifestyle in the very near future if we don’t stop polluting in the name of the almighty dollar! We all live on this planet – let’s respect it and all those who call it home. I don’t care what the Bible says about God creating the Earth in 6 days – what was a “day” back then? Why not accept this as being just another creation story, or at most a story with a moral lesson, not historical fact? Get over it!!

13. Cold showers

14. Winter (I do appreciate the changing of seasons and recognize winter as part of the cycle of life, but there’s just too much of it – cold, snow, ice…I need to move somewhere warm!). It is a lot easier to cool off in the summer than get warm and cozy in the winter. IMAG1319-deck-dark
15. Dog lovers who hate cats for irrational reasons. I am a cat person, but I don’t dislike dogs. I don’t go around spouting misinformation about dog habits. If you don’t like cats, fine, but don’t try to justify it by saying something like “cats aren’t friendly” that has no basis in fact. Why does there have to be a rivalry between dog lovers and cat lovers anyway? Why not appreciate all animals for what they are?

cute friends
16. Pop up ads, especially those that flash repeatedly to get your attention.

17. In fact, ads in general. I listen to public radio most of the time because I can’t stand all the commercial breaks other radio stations have. When a commercial break is on TV, I either leave the room or do something else while the commercials are on. Or I record the show on my DVR so that when I watch it later, I can skip all the ads! They are especially annoying during movies.

18. Mosquito bites.

19. Dry skin, especially when it gets so bad that it cracks and bleeds.

20. Lying in the sun for prolonged periods, sunscreen or not. With sunscreen on, the sand sticks to my skin all over, which itches and drives me crazy. Without it, I get terribly sunburned. Suntans are not all they’re promoted to be – in fact, they’re unhealthy. I love the beach, but only for short periods if it’s a hot day.

21. Auto-flush toilets. They always seem to flush when I’m adjusting my position or leaning forward. Then when I get up from the toilet, half the time, it doesn’t flush again!


Note: All photos downloaded from Google, except two: the photos of winter are my own.

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One thought on “21 Things I Irrationally (?) Dislike*

  1. I’m with you on most of these dislikes. Especially the decline of skills in English communication.

    Also, I dislike peanut butter that I haven’t personally adulterated. I buy peanut butter with at most one other ingredient – salt is permitted. Then I proceed to adorn it with jam, honey, or sliced bananas. Well, yes, I do put a slice of bread under it; putting it directly on my hands was just too messy.

    Auto-flush toilets are also one of my pet peeves for the same reasons.

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