A Word A Week Photograph Challenge – Delicate

Delicate are the small things I encounter on walks when I am paying attention; things I could just as easily walk right by. These are the things I most appreciate in nature: the small, delicate surprises that nature offers.

An example is a leaf I spotted on the ground while walking on a bike trail in northern Wisconsin. On the leaf was a single drop of water. Inside that delicate drop was a microcosm of tiny pebbles and other miniscule objects.126The very next day, my senses still attuned, my camera ready to capture more of nature’s small surprises, I snapped this shot of a butterfly posing among delicate flowers.
136After a long, cold winter, I look forward to the first signs of spring. A few years ago, I started a garden next to my driveway. I planted bulbs for the first flower of spring: snowdrops. These small, delicate white flowers are a delight to see every year, bringing me joy to know that spring is indeed on its way!
The little green shoots appeared as soon as the snow on top of them melted. A couple of days later, the flowers began to bloom.

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Finally, last autumn, I captured this image of a fallen leaf caught in the thin, dried branch of a tall weed alongside my house. The wind blew strongly that day, but still the leaf remained entwined on the plant. I liked this image because it shows the delicate dance of objects in nature.



One thought on “A Word A Week Photograph Challenge – Delicate

  1. I love details as well, small tiny things. Interesting I’m paying more attention to them now, after I started using my camera more frequently, then I stop and look for the details.

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