Blogging 201: Set Three Goals

I decided to sign up for Blogging 201 because, although I have been blogging on this site for several years now, I have not received the traffic and interest that I would have liked. Is my blog too unfocused?  Should I narrow its scope?  How can I find more followers and readers for my blog?

I have not done much, I admit, to explore the many features of WordPress – widgets, layout, different themes, etc.  I have kept it simple to make it easier on myself.  I have also not had or taken the time to read the how-to information and suggestions WP sends via email, in spite of my best intentions.  This is partly lack of time: I have too much on my plate, and several writing projects going simultaneously. I am writing a book about my ancestors for my family, I am transcribing my dad’s war letters, and correspondence my mother had with her aunt and uncle (her surrogate parents after her mother and her father died while she was young), I am in a writing group and also maintain a private journal.  This is not to mention the rest of my life and obligations – family, job, household chores and maintenance, other activities. Therefore, I sometimes post frequently on my blog, other times – like lately – not very often at all.

In an effort to change this and make myself more “marketable” – that is, attract more followers, more traffic, generate more interest in my writing – I have created three goals for myself:

1. I will establish a WEEKLY FEATURE, called “Flashback Friday”, which I will post to img049each week and encourage readers to contribute, for 6 months.  I do this to attract attention to my blog and to indulge in one of my favorite ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????pastimes: going through old photos, generating memories and writing stories. Join me!!

2. INCREASE TRAFFIC:  I will increase my average daily hits by 30% by the end of 2015. How to do this:
a. Redesign: Learn how to use WordPress features, find the best theme, use widgets, etc. Show off my creativity!
b.  Narrow my blog’s focus – since I have so many interests to write about and genres to write in, I can either concentrate on a few topics that are popular or that I often write about, or I could create “spin-off” blogs about certain topics, or do both of these things. (I already have a “spin-off” blog about cats:

c. Establish a purpose for my blog. Having a definite purpose will help narrow my focus by knowing what to post on my blog and what to save for some other writing venue.
d. Advertise on Pinterest and Facebook by establishing links between my blog and those sites. Also include posts from my blog on my Facebook and Pinterest pages with a link back to this site.

3. CONNECT WITH OTHERS:  There is no better way to increase my followers than to make myself known to others and to show interest in their blogs also.  Therefore, I will:
a.  Spend an hour each week visiting my followers’ blogs, reading their posts, and commenting on their work. b.  4. Visit the Community Pool at least once a month. This is a good place to find followers – if I encourage them by looking at their blogs, they’ll reciprocate and do the same for me. I have increased my number of followers in the past by participating in the Community Pool. I may even have advice that could be valuable to someone else!

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