A Word a Week Photo Challenge: Raindrop

A Word in Your Ear has a weekly photo challenge based on a word selected (at random?) from a dictionary. This week the word was “raindrop.”

OK, I know I’ve posted this photo before, but this challenge allows me to focus on the most fascinating aspect of it, which is all the tiny things that are encased in one raindrop on a leaf.  This picture is one of the best I have ever taken. Focusing on a small thing that most people would miss, especially if they’re riding bikes (I took this on a bike trail), shows attention to detail and appreciation of the simplest things in nature.

126I was amazed at all the tiny pebbles within the single raindrop, as well as other things – I’ve never been able to figure out what the rectangular thing (looks like metal) with a string on it is.

The photo above was taken in northern Wisconsin, near my family’s summer home, during a walk on the Bearskin Trail just after a downpour.

I love thunderstorms on the lake because I can feel surrounded by the storm and experience how glorious it is, all the while keeping dry sitting on the porch! The photo below is a closeup of raindrops on Upper Kaubashine Lake. Small raindrops hit the surface of the lake among circular patterns created by larger raindrops.

is the link to the photo challenge so you can see other interpretations of the raindrop theme!

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