(Once again, I am late with my Flashback Friday entry!)

While rummaging through an old box with my dad’s stuff in it, I came across a diary that he wrote when he went with his family on a trip to Italy in the winter of 1925! He was eight years old at the time.  Here are some pages from that diary:


Preface-p1Preface cont'd.

Pictures taken on the boat.  The boys are my father's brothers, Allen and John.
Pictures taken on the boat. The boys are my father’s brothers, Allen and John.

I have found the diary quite engaging and so much like the writing of a 3rd grader! The mistakes he makes in grammar and spelling are typical of that age – as an adult, my father wrote with very correct grammar. (Compare this writing to the letters he wrote to my mother during World War II – see my other blog site, We Are Such Stuff IV.)

It is interesting to see my father through his 8-year-old eyes. I don’t know much about that young boy except through photographs. My father tries to be very systematic and thorough – he obviously took this project very seriously! There is an entry for each day of the trip, although some days all he wrote was “Nothing important happened.” Obviously, the things a child would consider important are often quite different than those of an adult!

The family went by ship and landed first in Madeira. Then it was on to Algiers and Gibraltar before docking at Naples, Italy.

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