June 10, 2015

X is for … ?
I looked in a dictionary but found nothing much relevant – what can I say about xylophones or xanthochroids that has anything to do with my teaching career? There are words with x in the middle, like Mexico, or boxes. The symbol for multiplication is often an x. But I don’t have much to say about that either, except as a segue to math…
But I thought, I need to think outside the box. How else is x used?
In our tech-based world, where much of our communication is reduced to abbreviations and acronyms, there are words like Xmas (actually the X here is a symbol representing “Christos” in Greek. When we see this word, we usually say “Christmas” but sometimes we do say “Xmas.”); Xlnt meaning “excellent” and Xtra meaning “extra.”
Students may take an Xam and do an Xlnt job on it, and perhaps they will earn Xtra credit for solving a particularly challenging problem.
Then I came across another meaning for “ex” – former, as in “ex-husband.” So I started thinking how that will apply to me in three days:
As of 2:00 pm on June 12,
My place of employment will become my ex-school –
Teaching will be my ex-career –
I will have ex-students,
ex-supervisors, ex-administrators
ex-work schedule,
ex-lunch duty – which makes me Xtra happy!!
I will miss many of these ex’s, while others I will gladly give up.
It will be Xlnt to have–
ex-lesson plans
ex-alarm at 5:30 am
ex-exhaustion at the end of the day
ex-principals who screwed me in some way!
ex-coworkers who were gossipy and vindictive –
It’ll all ex-gossip to me in three days!
I will be Xcited to welcome back into my life former ex’s:
Ex-free time will be free time anew!
To write, volunteer or try something new!
Ex-relaxation – take it at any time!
Meditating and having breakfast on the deck will be fine.
Ex-social time – have fun and enjoy!
The possibilities are endless when I’m no longer employed!
And this is my ode to my ex-workday world.

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