June 11, 2015 I always got excited about the yearbook. When I was in elementary school, we didn’t have a yearbook, but in junior high I began collecting my annual yearbooks. We passed them around and had them signed by friends. Sometimes someone we didn’t like would sign the yearbook, because they were signing everyone else’s yearbook too!

In junior high, I worked on the yearbook staff. In high school, our yearbook was called the “Anbro” – a blending of the Spanish words año and libro. We got to design our own half page when we were seniors!  Again, we passed them around and got autographs from friends, acquaintances and teachers, which I read once again when I come across my Anbros, somewhere in storage.  In my senior year, I was a major contributor to the yearbook, submitting at least 25 photos of students that were included in the Anbro.

When my son was in elementary school, his school issued a yearbook each year – which we ordered and paid for in advance – and when I began teaching, the schools I worked at all had yearbooks.  I began contributing photos again, this time candids of my students at various events of the year.  I always bought the yearbook in the schools where I taught and labeled any pictures of kids I knew with their names so I would always remember. When I was not a classroom teacher, it required more effort to get a yearbook – I didn’t get order forms for my students and so I had to remember when the deadlines were. You have to order in the middle of the year and the books are not delivered until a week or so before school ends.

I was so surprised when a kid in our class last year sought me out in my classroom to get me to sign his yearbook today! I often had to reprimand him in the hallway, at lunch or in the classroom for running, being off-task, or doing other inappropriate things. When I said hi to him this year, he usually looked embarrassed. But I wrote him a nice little note: Good luck in 4th grade! Have a great summer! – and signed my name.

Yearbooks are keepers. I’ll never throw them away!

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