Blogging 201, Day 1

I started one of these “Blogging U” courses before, but got busy and couldn’t finish. So here I go again…

My three goals:
1. Increase readership by 20% by the end of 2015 or increase “hits” by 25% by the end of the year. Today, for example, I broke my own record for the most “hits” in one day – 83! This has been the most discouraging thing, I think, about my blog. I don’t get many people to read it. There are a number of reasons why this could be:

  • My blog is too eclectic: it needs to be more focused.
  • It could be the design of my blog is not as appealing as it could be. I am not very tech-savvy, and when I’ve tried to change themes to something more engaging, I get stuck on adding widgets or other things. On the other hand, I think simplicity is best – I would like people to focus on the content, not whether I have a lot of cool extras.
  • Maybe my posts are too long, or too boring, or don’t have enough pictures. Perhaps I can get help from others in the blogging community, which brings me to my 2nd goal:

2. Read and comment on/like at least 8 blogs from those I follow per week. Also visit the Commons each week and find out what other/new bloggers are doing! The best way to gain readers, I’ve found, is to let them know I’m here! And the best way to do that is “meet” them, read their blog, encourage them. If I pay attention to what they are saying in their blogs, it’s much more likely they will listen to me too.

3. Publish something – an essay, a poem, whatever. I’ve been saying this forever. I have the 2015 Writer’s Market. I tend to get bogged down in other writing. I need to find publications that would be interested in my work and follow their guidelines to get a piece published. It all comes down to: FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS, which is difficult for an ADHD mind.

and one more:
4. Complete Blogging 201 to the best of my ability!

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