WPC: (Extra)ordinary – discoveries of ordinary life in Finland

Weekly Photo Challenge: (Extra) Ordinary:

I like to notice small things or everyday things when I’m traveling that most people don’t notice in their quest to take a picture of that majestic cathedral or beautiful scenery.  For example, in Porvoo, Finland (a town of about 50,000 inhabitants), we were walking on the main shopping street, when I saw this children’s chair (I tried to sit in it and didn’t fit!) with a crown affixed to the top, so a child could imagine she was a princess on her throne, perhaps:

100_0946The notches on the back of the chair presumably allow the crown to be adjustable for different sized children.

Flowers are often beautiful, but sometimes their beauty is enhanced by focusing on just one flower. While my post about Savijarvi Farm contained many pictures of the “main attractions” – the horses, the furnishings of the house, the food – this picture of a flower is one of my favorites:

KODAK Digital Still CameraAlso on Savijarvi Farm was this row of mailboxes, one for each family living there:

Each family has their own mailbox.Noticing these small things, I think, gives me a connection to the place I wouldn’t otherwise have. While most of my travel pictures are interesting tourist attractions, I love discovering these (extra)ordinary things of daily life.

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