Photo Essay: October trees

Autumn is such a beautiful time of year! Lately the weather has been pleasant so I am taking advantage of it to take long walks. Today I took a variety of tree pictures, which I am sharing with you here.  All the pictures were taken with my cell phone camera.

DuoMini-duet in red
Red duoTrio in orange
Trio in orangeTree-O!
This tree’s branches form an “O” where it has been trimmed around the telephone wires.

Tree O ! Ensemble in red:  Each townhouse seems to have its own red tree in front.
Townhomes and treesShades of red

Shades of red‘Fro!  The juxtaposition of two trees, the one behind bare of leaves makes it look like the tree has a frizzy hairdo!
3 nestsClose up and personal
Close-up maple leavesCrowning glory!
Crowning glory!I hope you have enjoyed walking with me through my neighborhood!

Where:  Des Plaines, Illinois, USA
When:  October 21, 2015
Weather Conditions: Overcast but unseasonably warm
Camera: Galaxy S4 cell phone

4 thoughts on “Photo Essay: October trees

    1. Living in California, you probably don’t see them much. Autumn is the one time of year I like to “show off” where I live in the Midwest! Autumn definitely puts on a great show here!

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