WPC: Transition

Transition describes my life in the last year.  Therefore, for this Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition, I am including a photo or a few for the transitions that have marked my life since last December. I lost my mother last December (see my Elegy for Mother on Feb. 21, 2015) and in June the family got […]

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Word of the Week: portmanteau

This week’s word is portmanteau. It has two meanings. The first comes from combining two French words: porter, which means “to carry” and manteau, which means “mantle” or “cloak” – in other words, clothes. So the first definition of portmanteau is a large suitcase to carry your clothes in. Notice that the end of “porter” was cut […]

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Word of the Week: swot

I chose this short word, “swot”, because I came to know of its existence while playing Classic Words Free, a version of Scrabble, on my android this week. My opponent is the computer and it tells me if a word is invalid. When I have letters that don’t quite make a word I know, I […]

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WPC: Ornate

The word for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week is ornate. The first thing that immediately comes to my mind when I think of the word “ornate” is Catherine’s Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia. Like many royal palaces, this is a showcase of luxury, with room after room of walls decorated with gold. This style […]

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Stockholm by Bicycle

Stockholm, Day 2 – August 15, 2015 Although I had been the one to suggest it originally, it was with considerable trepidation that I went out on the dock with Dale and Elmer to find our tour. I hadn’t biked at all this summer, so I was really out of shape for bike riding. Our […]

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Stockholm’s Great Scandal!

August 14, 2015 (Stockholm, Day 1) When we left Sigtuna, we returned to Stockholm to visit one of its more than 80 museums. The Vasa Museum’s centerpiece is a ship that sank in 1628, 23 minutes into its maiden voyage! It was not pulled out of the canal until the 1950s, when the technology to […]

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