WPC: Transition

Transition describes my life in the last year.  Therefore, for this Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition, I am including a photo or a few for the transitions that have marked my life since last December.

I lost my mother last December (see my Elegy for Mother on Feb. 21, 2015) and in June the family got together to bury her ashes and remember her.

The urn with Mother's ashes sits next to her covered grave.

Singing and praying at the burial
Singing and praying at the burial
Burying the urn
Burying the urn

Dad's grave is decorated with a flag for his military srvice.At the memorial, I had set up posters I’d made of my mother’s life.
Black & white posterColor collage poster

On June 12, I retired from my working life  (See my Ode to My Ex-Work Day posted on June 11), the last 14 having been in the teaching profession. Here I am on my last day of work (I’m on the right, with my co-worker Elia Pimentel on the left):

20150612_124348The picture above and the following picture were taken at a last-day luncheon in the cafeteria. There was a cake for those staff members who would be leaving:

Of course, it was a transition for the students too, who would now transition to the next grade level. In our 1st/2nd grade classroom, the students prepare for summer vacation.
My last view of the primary wing of the school, where I had worked my last two years:
Good-bye, Winston Campus Elementary! My last view looking back at C Wing.

Also in June, my family sold the summer home in Wisconsin that we had owned for 50 years. June 13-15 were my last days there, as we prepared for the transition to a new owner:

Last view of the main cottage, from the pier.
Last view of the main cottage, from the pier.
Small cabin
Small cabin
Emptying the porch
Emptying the porch
Emptying the bedroom we'd stayed in
Emptying the bedroom we’d stayed in


The beautiful transition from summer to autumn, with the fall’s brilliant colors, reminded me that life constantly changes, that our world is always in transition.


Some transitions are joyous occasions, while others are bittersweet.

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