Word of the week: shrift

English speakers have heard and occasionally use the expression “short shrift” as in giving “little or no attention to”: He gives short shrift to the work of contemporary composers, or “quick work” such as: They made short shrift of their homework, so they could go outside to play.  The implication is that it is something little, […]

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Word of the Week: snowbird

The word for this week is snowbird.  Very common, right? Why am I picking this word for word of the week?  Most people already know what it means! Actually, the word snowbird has FOUR meanings. The first meaning is the one most people know – and which I wish I were!! – which is: a […]

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Word(s) of the week: types of fog

I am pairing two weather-related words from two different places. The first is: pogonip (noun). According to dictionary.com, it comes from a Shoshone word which refers to an ice fog that forms in the mountain valleys in Western USA. Being a “flatlander” in the Midwest, I of course had never heard of this term. I […]

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