Photo Essay: Santa Cruz, California

On December 23, 2015, my family and I visited Santa Cruz. I’d been here before, but never had a chance to look around town. This is what we saw on that cool December day.

The first place we went was our daughter’s request: The Mystery Spot. It was in the hills and quite cool. 20151223_111428

The grounds were lovely, and they even had hiking trails, which I would have liked to hike, but there wasn’t enough time before our tour was to start.

Redwood trees
There was a creek with a small bridge over it.

The Mystery Spot was actually more interesting than I thought it would be. It’s a place on the hillside where the laws of gravity aren’t what they should be.  Our guide was also quite humorous.

Our tour guide stood in front of this cabin, which was on a slant. However, he is standing upright!
My son, Jayme, inside the cabin. He is also standing upright, although it looks like he’s leaning.
Here Jayme and the guide do back bends – VERY difficult when gravity is not what it’s supposed to be!
Standing up straight and walking in that crooked cabin was very difficult and I was glad to get outside again.
This is how crooked the cabin looked from the outside.
Our daughter, Tam, tries to keep her balance on a board that is actually straight.
My husband, Dale, on the same board

From there, we went into town. We spent considerable time walking up and down the main downtown street, which was very charming. We had coffee or related holiday drinks at Starbucks. I took pictures of people’s artwork on display on the street and always asked their permission – no one objected and they were in fact glad to have me do it. They were aware of the power of social media!

Mural in downtown Santa Cruz







Musicians too:


The Boardwalk

Unfortunately, we didn’t stop anywhere at the Boardwalk, where there were lots of colorful buildings and photo opps! But we were in a hurry to get to Monterey, as it was now past lunch time and we hadn’t eaten. And there were only about three hours of daylight left!

(Next post: Monterey Peninsula and the 17-mile-drive)

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