WPC: Half-Light

The Weekly Photo Challenge is “Half-light”. I have seen “half-light” occur at dawn, at dusk, when there is a full moon, or when there is a storm. At daybreak, the light emerges slowly as we see through a sort of haze. At dusk we can still make out objects and the sunset may produce brilliant […]

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Word of the Week: reredos

This week’s word is reredos. (And no, it doesn’t mean to do the redo over again!) Earlier this week, my husband and I took a short trip to St. Louis, which is only about 4 hours drive from Chicago (without stops). We visited some lovely churches there, and I will post pictures of them later. […]

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Word of the Week: Zoochosis

CAUTION: The images and behaviors described below may be disturbing. The word I chose this week is a new one: zoochosis. This word was coined by Bill Travers in 1992 to describe “the stereotypical behaviour of animals in captivity. Stereotypic behaviour is defined as a repetitive, invariant behaviour pattern with no obvious goal or function.” […]

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Word of the Week: Xanthochroid

When I was a kid, my family used to love to play board games. These games were not only fun, but many were meant to be learning experiences. My father was particularly fond of playing games with his children. One of the games we played sometimes was Anagrams. In Anagrams, a player thinks of a […]

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