While you peruse the pictures of the Orchid Show at the  Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, you may enjoy listening to the beautiful Romance for Piano and Violin, op. 11 by Dvorak. These pictures were taken on March 22, 2016 in St. Louis, Missouri using my Samsung Galaxy 5. The orchid family is one […]

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Colors Yellow and Red

For Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Colors Yellow and Red, I immediately thought of seasons. In the spring, flowers are often red and yellow – I have red tulips and yellow daffodils in my garden, for example. Here are examples of red & yellow in tulips and orchids: In the summer, if there has been a […]

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WPC: Abstract

When does a picture look like something other than what it is? Or like nothing at all in particular? Here are my interpretations of this week’s weekly photo challenge: abstract.

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WPC: Dinnertime

When I saw that the Weekly Photo Challenge for this week was “dinnertime”, I immediately thought of the time we made kedgeree. I first heard of kedgeree in a book I was reading and looked it up to see what it was. It turns out to be a British dish with eggs and fish that […]

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WPC: Future

The theme for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is future. We can’t actually photograph the future, only the anticipation of it. Some things that make me think of the future are: weddings, babies and children, and the plants of spring. Right now, the future that is occupying my thoughts is that of spring. The greatest […]

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Haiku for a diffident daffodil

I planted daffodil bulbs three autumns ago, because I love these beautiful yellow flowers that make their appearance in early spring, bringing hope of warmer weather and growing things. Since then, the daffodil plants have pushed up out of the ground and I get excited when I see their leaves. Last year I only had […]

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Word of the week: Graupel

We have had some weird weather here in Chicagoland lately. It’s unseasonably cold for April, and last Saturday the weather changed about 10 times! When I looked out the window at 3 pm, it looked like blizzard conditions, with the light snow whirling madly against strong winds. But at 5 pm, two hours later, the […]

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