Haiku for a diffident daffodil

I planted daffodil bulbs three autumns ago, because I love these beautiful yellow flowers that make their appearance in early spring, bringing hope of warmer weather and growing things.

Since then, the daffodil plants have pushed up out of the ground and I get excited when I see their leaves. Last year I only had one daffodil bloom. This year…will there be two?? Not so far. My one yellow daffodil brightens an otherwise still dull garden. It braves all the nasty weather that follows its appearance: wind, rain and even snow flurries, graupel and hail, all of which we’ve had since April started!

So I wrote a haiku dedicated to my daffodil.


Doughty daffodil
undaunted by storms and cold;
Spring’s daring herald

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