WPC: Future

The theme for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is future. We can’t actually photograph the future, only the anticipation of it. Some things that make me think of the future are: weddings, babies and children, and the plants of spring.

Right now, the future that is occupying my thoughts is that of spring. The greatest reminder I have that spring is on its way is my garden:

Snowdrops – the first flowers of spring – came up early this year, in early March!

Tulips, violets, and my hardy daffodil (which survived a small blizzard last Friday night!)

Last year, in my family the theme was “babies.” I had two pregnant nieces and two others with children less than a year old. This picture of my happy, expecting nieces standing together clearly portrays anticipation of their future as mothers:

Preggie nieces

Recently I have been to quite a few weddings, which are a celebration of the future, of hope for happiness and prosperity (L-my niece Julia and her new husband Adam, R-my good friend Sandy and her groom Steve):

And when I was at those weddings, there were little children among the guests, someone’s children and grandchildren, another sign of the future:

Old age can sometimes evoke the future also: when an elderly person can no longer manage their living circumstances, their future lies in less independence and needing more care.

My mother’s future as well as nostalgia of the past is portrayed in this picture of her sitting in her empty apartment, as she was being moved to an assisted living facility. What was she thinking about at that moment? Her past or her future?

Mother facing the empty shelves


One thought on “WPC: Future

  1. Very interesting perspective shown in these images giving us a moment to actually have a glimpse of the potential
    future to be. Congratulations on your work!

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