How would you feel if you were in this scene?
How would you feel if you were in this scene?

Nyctophobia (also called noctiphobia or scotophobia) is defined as an abnormal fear of the night or of darkness. A person with this fear may be characterized as nyctophobic. Here is how the night might sound for one who suffers from nyctophobia:

Scary Sounds from a night in the wild

Am I nyctophobic? I’m not afraid when I’m in my house in the dark, but I am afraid to walk outside in the dark . In some countries, like the U.S., this may be considered normal, since women are susceptible to being attacked at night. I don’t like dark parking lots either, for the same reason.

empty parking lot

Is the last car in the parking lot yours?
Is the last car in the parking lot yours?

This word is pronounced: nick – toh – FO – bee-ah. It’s origin is from from Greek nukt- + phobia.

Conversely, the opposite of nyctophobia is nyctophilia: This is a preference for the night or darkness. It is also called scotophilia.

night sky thru treesPeople who love the night may hear it like this:

Beautiful night sounds

I love the night when I feel safe: in a natural setting, perhaps, where I may hear the crickets, frogs and night birds.I love being in a rural area where I can look up and see a canopy of stars and galaxies.

night in tent

Camping in a tent with these sounds enveloping me can be very soothing. Also, you can download 30+ minutes of night sounds like the sample above to play at home when you want to go to sleep at night.

To find out if you tend toward nyctophobia or nyctophilia, watch the following video of the full moon with night sounds by Tall Sky YouTube videos, filmed in 2011.

Tall Sky


How does this scene make you feel?
How does this scene make you feel?

Note: All photos were downloaded from Google images using search categories: scary night, empty parking lot at night, peaceful night.

One thought on “Word(s) of the Week: Nyctophilia and Nyctophobia

  1. I’m not sure what your statements are based on, but I think it’s normal of being afraid of night which equals to being afraid (there are many synonyms to this word) of things that we don’t know, see, and being in control of. What’s wrong with that?

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