What I’ve Learned from Traveling to 25 Countries

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With 25 countries and nearly 25 years under my belt, I have a few loosely spun travel philosophies that undergird any trip I take. Of course, each person is different—everyone has different tastes, priorities, expectations, and personalities. Nonetheless, I truly believe this set of broad travel rules can enhance anyone’s travel experience, be it a brief foray in a new city or an extended excursion across a fresh continent. Read on, take it in stride and apply what works for you!

What I’ve learned from traveling to 25 countries:

  1. Be flexible

Travel is unpredictable. Trains get cancelled, flights get missed, things get stolen or lost—that’s just the nature of the beast. A successful traveler has to relinquish some power over their journey to fate, and go with the flow.

Here’s an example. Our trip to Peru a few years ago was all plotted out—train and bus tickets purchased, hostels booked…

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