Ten Lessons From an Old Chestnut Tree

This is a wonderful contemplative “conversation” between a person and a chestnut tree. I love trees and found these lessons to be so universal. These truly are things a tree can teach us!

boy with a hat

Painting of an old chestnut tree

The other day, I was enjoying my morning walk around the neighborhood when, quite unexpectedly, it began to rain. I had no umbrella, and home was streets away. An old tree beckoned to me, waving a branch or two, a chestnut by profession. I found shelter under its wet branches and settled there, meditating, waiting for the rain to abate. It wasn’t long before the tree began whispering to me, in that leafy, rustling way peculiar to trees.

“How about some tips?” quoth he. “You look quite lost to me.”

“Tips from a tree?” I marveled.

“Why not?” he creaked. “After all, have not all published books been once upon a time good trees? Don’t you think there’s some wisdom in the paper, too, or do you think all the wisdom’s in the ink?”

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