Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Doors

I’ve been waiting for this topic to come up in Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge! I love to photograph doorways and have a whole photo file dedicated to doors, (although I don’t have any pictures of drawers). There is such variety, beauty, and personality in doorways. Each tells its own story. Here are some of my favorite doors:

Doorways in Europe:


KODAK Digital Still Camera
Ruin of an old church, Sigtuna, Sweden


Entrance to a “gang” in Lubeck, Germany. “Gang” means entrance or go; these lead to alleyways lined with houses and gardens.

Bisbee, Arizona:

Chihuly glass in the entryway!
A Chihuly glass sculpture is visible at the entrance to the Krasl Art Center in St. Joseph, Michigan.

Saugatuck, Michigan: The most beautiful bathroom facade I’ve ever seen, and colorful doorways:


In a predominantly Latino neighborhood in Tucson, Arizona
Discovered in a Tucson neighborhood
Mission San Xavier del Bac (south of Tucson), Arizona


The Griot Museum of Black History, St. Louis, Missouri
Charleston, South Carolina
A friend awaits in the doorway of a Charleston, SC home.

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