CFFC: First Birthday party

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge for this week is Events. Last weekend my husband and I attended a first birthday party for our grand-niece, Rosemary. My niece (Rosemary’s mom) told me that 60 people had been invited – all family!  Probably 40 at least were in attendance at this special event. Most of the attendees were on her husband’s side; there were only 15 members of her (our) family there.

Last time I saw Rosemary, she was a tiny baby that I held in my arms. Now she’s an active one-year-old, walking and inquisitive about everything. Somehow I think she knew the party was for her because all these relatives were crowding around her when she ate her birthday pie and when she and Mommy opened gifts.

After everyone had gathered, noshed on hors d’oeuvres, had drinks, and chatted for awhile, it was time for dessert. For Rosemary, that meant her first blueberry pie, which had a number 1 candle on top. She felt the crust first, then dug her hand in. Yummy! (I don’t think I was the only one hoping that we wouldn’t be sharing that pie with her!)


After that, while we ate our own dessert, Rosemary had her clothes changed, and when she returned it was time to explore: my husband’s feet! Funny, that big toe wiggles up and down! I’d better check it out…

She was also fascinated by the pink balloons that were floating around.  Hmm, it feels different than a ball – it’s squishy and it stretches!

Rosemary explores a balloon - the texture, how she can pull its 'skin' apart

Her favorite gift was a book that made animal sounds.














It was a fun day, but that one-year-old surely was exhausted afterward! So were we!


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