Saturday Statues: St. Louis

This is my contribution for the feature Saturday Statues by Suvi.

On a visit to St. Louis, Missouri, history buffs will appreciate the Old Courthouse. In this courthouse the infamous Dred Scott trial took place. There is a museum and displays that tell the history of the Dred Scott case. In front of the courthouse is a statue of Dred Scott and his wife, Harriet.


Another historical site in St. Louis is the Old Cathedral,a short walk from the Old Courthouse. This cathedral is still in use but the Basilica of St. Louis is now the main Catholic Cathedral. While the basilica is full of luxurious mosaics, the old cathedral contains several statues of saints and the holy family, beautiful in their simplicity.

Madonna and child
Virgin Mary and Jesus
Joseph and baby Jesus


5 thoughts on “Saturday Statues: St. Louis

    1. Thank you, Suvi! The Dred Scott decision was a setback in the struggle to keep slavery from expanding. It determined that a slave who was taken hy his master to live in a free state or territory was still a slave. Dred Scott had been taken from Missouri (a slaave state) to Illinois (a free state) where he sued to win his freedom because slavery was prohibited in Illinois. The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the decision made by the district court in St Louis that a slave was always a slave (unless he was freed by his master) regardless of where he lived. This was a great blow to the abolitionist cause. Slavery is one of the most awful and shameful chapters in U.S. history.

      1. You’re welcome! My husband and I were both history majors, although he specialized in U.S. history while I specialized in Latin American history.

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