CFFC: Hands: The Young and the Old

As very young children, our hands were used to explore things – babies are very tactile explorers. At her first birthday party, my grand-niece Rosemary explored a blueberry pie, first by touching the rough surface of the crust… …next by digging her hand into the cool gooey blueberry inside…another new sensation! …and finally by putting […]

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WPC: Fun

When I think of fun, I think of the exuberance of childhood – children find it easy to have fun!  Fun means different things for children, adults, and cats… Recently, I was at a birthday party for a grand-niece’s first birthday. In attendance were her aunt and uncle and their son Alex (age 2). Alex […]

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WPC: Morning in Four Seasons

Morning Has Broken by Cat Stevens WINTER MORNINGS: CHILLY VIEWS FROM THE WEST (FRONT) SIDE OF MY HOUSE IN ILLINOIS 7:44 a.m., February after a snowstorm:  The morning light filters through the trees and settles on the fresh snow. Although someone from my house has been outside (because of the footprints), it’s too early to […]

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Thursday Doors: Bisbee, Arizona

Last December, hoping to escape the winter cold in Illinois, we took a trip to Tucson for a week. But the cold came with us – not in the form of snow, but rain, wind, frost, and temperatures at freezing level! Meanwhile, back in Chicagoland, people were enjoying unseasonably warm temperatures in the 60s (F)! […]

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Pictures at a wayside

Last weekend, after our four days in St. Paul, Minnesota, my sister, her friend, her daughter and I made the long drive home back to the northwestern suburbs of Chicago. It’s about a 5 1/2 hour drive if you drive straight through, with no stops. Of course, that would be nearly impossible for most people, […]

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