Thursday Doors: Bisbee, Arizona

Last December, hoping to escape the winter cold in Illinois, we took a trip to Tucson for a week. But the cold came with us – not in the form of snow, but rain, wind, frost, and temperatures at freezing level! Meanwhile, back in Chicagoland, people were enjoying unseasonably warm temperatures in the 60s (F)!

One of the most interesting towns we visited was Bisbee, in the mountains south of Tucson, a former mining town which is now something of an artists’ colony. The pictures of doorways (for Thursday Doors feature) below attest to that!

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Bottle caps highlight this doorway.
Bottle caps add character to this doorway.

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There were lots of small boutiques and antique stores in the center of town (very overpriced!).
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A series of small homes were built on a hillside, all right next to each other as you climbed a stairway. This is the entrance to one of them.
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The door of another of these small hillside homes
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One of the homes had this gate made of leather, surrounded by undulating wood.

Back on the main drag:

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We finally went to the mine, but had missed the last tour.They only run tours until 3:00 pm in the winter.

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A couple of retired miners showed us the entrance to the mine and the small coal train that goes into it. They told us that the weather gets cold here every year and it isn’t unusual for it to snow. The mine had a museum also, and we were happy to linger there and warm our cold hands!

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2 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Bisbee, Arizona

  1. I love the bottle cap one and the fly above the door – nice collection. Thanks for sharing these. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to swing by my post and add this to our link-up list so the others can find it. Look for the blue button at the bottom of my post – cheers 🙂

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