CWWPC: Ways to go at the Hermitage

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge 8/17/16

The Hermitage is the largest art museum in the world, located in St. Petersburg, Russia. It was formerly the tsars’ winter palace. There is no way you can see this entire museum in one day, but what there is to see is more than paintings and sculptures. There are ceilings, floors, tables, thrones, clocks, fountains and more. “Art” at the Hermitage encompasses architecture and any other form that beauty may take.

These are some of the “ways” at the Hermitage.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The Jordan Staircase


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Hall of Portraits

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These floral designs are typical of the beautiful wooden patterns on the floors throughout the museum.

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The Raphael Loggias, commissioned by Catherine II to be a replica of the Raphael Loggias at the Vatican. As you walk down this long hallway, the walls and ceilings are filled with beautiful paintings on every topic imaginable.

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Walk through this ornate doorway to enter another awe-inspiring room full of artistic treasures.

Views from windows at the Hermitage:

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This internal courtyard has a lovely garden with a path around it to admire every view.

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KODAK Digital Still Camera

View of pedestrians on a cobblestone street along a narrow canal.

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If you enjoyed this brief journey into the Hermitage, please check out my blog post The Hermitage Museum: 13 Masterpieces you can see in 2 hours.

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