Alaska 2016 Part 1: Other Vancouver sights

I have written two posts about Vancouver, focusing on the Bill Reid Gallery and our walk to Stanley Park. The following photos highlight other sights we saw in our brief visit, mostly in the downtown neighborhood of Gastown, a hub for tourists and “hip” people, full of restaurants, shops and art galleries.

Taken from Vancouver Lookout: Senior admission Can$13.25 allows as many rides as you want the same day to the tower at the top of the building, with 360 degree panoramic views of the city. This picture shows many of the modern skyscrapers with the peninsula of Stanley Park behind.
The Lookout tower from below
Kitschy souvenir shop
This is a statue of “Gassy Jack” (1830-1875), considered the founder of Gastown. His real name was John Deighton and he was born in Hull, England. Adventurer and boat pilot, he was best known for his “gassy” monologues as a saloon keeper. ON Dec. 25, 1986 this statue was dedicated to the city of Vancouver.
Gastown street scene – crowds cleared away probably so this bride & groom could have their pictures taken.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
August sunset in Vancouver (taken from 8th floor of Pan Pacific Hotel at Canada Place).

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